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Digging Deep

Some years are harder than others, some weeks harder than other weeks and simply some days where we have reached our breaking point by 9:00am.

What do you do when you reach that point? Where do you turn?  Who do you call (if anyone)?

Sometimes there is nowhere to go, except for a 5 minute time out in the bathroom.
Sometimes it might only take 5 short minutes to take deep breaths and adjust our perspective.
I have had to do this so many times in the past year or so.  Things have been rough and I have had to dig deeper than I ever thought possible.

It is possible.

I have had to make sacrifices, painful choices, hurtful lessons, gut wrenching losses, but it is so very true that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.  As long as we handle it with God and not against Him.

I have burdened far more than I thought my shoulders can carry and yet I believe God may still have more for me yet.  What gets me through? What keeps me going?

tough-life-for-a-tulip_lThe Reward

The reward of knowing my obedience to God to not give up will be returned and be blessed.  I do not have any expectation as to when this will happen, but fully trust it will.  I may not even live to see it, but part of my responsibility is knowing it will happen.  It just might be only for the purpose of Pule and her future.  I’m okay with that.

The reward of praying others might be blessed or encouraged because of my pressing through and remaining focused on each day and all I can do to embrace it.

The reward of little successes on Pule’s face when she has accomplished something new.

The reward of love returned from close family and friends cheering you on when the wall you need to climb over is daunting.

Digging deep is painful, I know, but the reward will be worth it.  Are you willing to go there? It takes time for a flower to grow from a seed or bulb, but as the roots grow deeper a blossom will surely present itself. Roots that dig deep into emotion, character, pain & joy will produce the most vibrant colors.  A strong bulb that has found it’s root may also simply sprout from the roughest of places.  Places we cannot fathom beauty to displayed.

If you are without hope, I pray (yes I do right now), that today you will have one small glimmer of it.  All that I ask of you is that you expect it, look for it and seek it out.  It’s there.  We are never left alone, and we will survive.

What is one thought you can share with us to encourage someone who cannot take a deep breath today or pick up the shovel to dig deep?

Places I visit & participate in link ups where I’m encouraged & know I am not alone.

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  1. Ah, I’m sorry it has been such a hard year. My heart goes out to you. And it takes so much faith to trust that the rewards will come, even when we have no idea of their timing. Best to you, Leah!
    Erica {let why lead} recently posted..When You Need to Drop the BallMy Profile

    • It has been incredibly hard, but I am so grateful for what God has given to me in the process. It truly has been a time of polishing and securing my roots. I hope others might be encouraged as well.

  2. Such beauty and honesty here.

    Sometimes I simply push through, knowing that it can’t last.
    Shell recently posted..To Ma’am or Not to Ma’amMy Profile

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