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Today is Perfect. What is your Perfect?


I’ts Mother’s Day.

This will be my 3rd year celebrating my motherhood.

I’ts weird.


I’ve celebrated my mom for 40 years, that seems more natural to me. Or even my sister who has 14 years under her belt.

When will it seem normal for me, to embrace the honoring on this day?  It shouldn’t be about me.

Maybe I  feel guilty. I didn’t want to be a mom.  Now I am one while others who want to be moms can’t.

Maybe it is just something to get used to.  I’ve gotten used to 40 birthdays,  however I typically don’t like to make my birthday a big deal. Move the spotlight somewhere else.

Mother’s Day is different though.  You are thanked and honored even by people who don’t know you.

Maybe I just felt like I needed to give a little shout out to those who are moms but not able to celebrate it for one reason or another. Did you give up your only child? Did you lose your baby at some point in your pregnancy or even afterwards? Maybe you desire to be a mom so strongly, yet cannot be one right now.

I cannot say that I understand… I don’t.

What I will say though, having the title of MOM is not what defines you or me. It’s who you are in light of your circumstance.  It’s the choices you will make in the next minute.  It’s the grace you will extend to someone tomorrow.  It’s moving beyond your failures and your past with a desire to learn and improve for your future.

Celebrate life.  With someone you love and appreciate.  If it happens to be your mom or your children, embrace them and think of those who do not have the opportunity to do so.

Celebrate your identity and choose to live it with each breath you take in.

I love you mom, sis & tina (tee-nah). You challenge me everyday to be a better MaMMa, wife, sister & daughter of Christ. Thank you. It is me who is humbled to stand in the company of these women and celebrate this day with you.

I am blessed and honored that God chose me to be a mom to Pule.  And on this Mother’s Day I got my wish.

God smiled and gave me Perfect.  Breath deep. I have life. What could be more Perfect?

What is your Perfect today?


All you pinners out there…I’ve got a community board, Pinned there, done that, you might be interested in participating.  Come over an join us!


  1. I don’t think any mother truly feels “perfect”. It is such a hard job.
    Teresa recently posted..Happy Mother’s DayMy Profile

  2. I think we all sometimes struggle with the roles that we play in our lives. I always knew that I wanted to be a mother (which didn’t happen as soon as I wanted). There are times where I feel pulled in many different directions, and all I want to do is stay still. Sometimes ‘perfect’ is in the small moments, and we have to just enjoy them as they come.
    Patricia P recently posted..Family Bike RideMy Profile

    • I agree! It’s those moments where we catch our breath in the moment. Unexpectedly not realizing how deep our love can take us for our children. What is perfect is unique to each individual.
      Leah aka FFPMaMMa recently posted..One-sided LoveMy Profile

  3. I always say that Mother’s Day is for any woman who has touched the life of a child whether or not she is biologically a mother. For me, personally,it may be because I grew up without a mother or losing my first daughter when I was 6 months pregnant, then going on to have two healthy children; I have never cared for the big celebration on Mother’s Day.
    I am just happy having my children in my life. That is my perfect everything.
    Sharon recently posted..A Letter to My Nineteen Years Old SelfMy Profile

    • That is great. I can see why the Mother’s day Celebration might look different for you. Just being able to be called mom might be perfect for the moment.
      Leah aka FFPMaMMa recently posted..One-sided LoveMy Profile

  4. Mother’s Day is a hard day for so many. I hope you were able to enjoy your day. xo
    Shell recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out: Asking For HelpMy Profile

  5. Mother’s Day can be hard. I hope you enjoyed your day and were able to live it to the fullest.
    Kimberly recently posted..Sometimes I Need It TooMy Profile

  6. It’s kind of surreal to me that I’m actually a mother. Going on four years now. It’s awesome and amazing and tiring and all-encompassing. But my heart truly goes out to those women who find mother’s day to be heartbreaking for one reason or another.
    Brandy recently posted..SO WHAT WEDNESDAYMy Profile

    • I know there are many and I want to respect those who are on that journey. Days of celebration should be celebrated, but not at the expense of hurting someone else further. Sometimes it feels as though it is done too much in people’s faces.
      Leah aka FFPMaMMa recently posted..One-sided LoveMy Profile

  7. I’ve witnessed my mom struggle as a wife and as a mother as well. I salute all mothers for their sacrifices. Hope you still enjoyed it. :)
    Madeleine Willis recently posted..Travel Beauty – How to Look Your Best After a FlightMy Profile

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